Cleaning Black stone tiles

October 5, 2019
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  1. Water consumption.
    • Utilize hot water and a new, soft fabric. To avoid ugly liquid spots, dried out counters completely.
    • Use distilled liquid unlike tap water assuring there is no mineral or chlorine develop.
  2. Establish a daily cleaning program for the granite countertops and tiles.
  3. Clean granite tiles as soon as meals or beverage is spilled. Use a damp cloth, paper towel, or other non-abrasive area to blot the affected area.
    • Abrasive sponges or scrubbers can keep faint but permanent scratch marks in your granite, and drink and food left on too long will stain.
    • Be especially cautious about making red wine, coffee, soft drink, or grease stains for too much time. Most of these can dull the top of the granite tiles with time.
  4. Image titled Clean Granite Tiles action 2 Use soap and water for almost any spill that's not carefully removed simply with liquid.
  5. Clean persistent stains with a baking soft drink and water paste.
    • A light stain can be covered aided by the paste immediately then eliminated. Tougher stains can be covered for many days before eliminating.
    • Oil-based stains can be treated with a base of liquid or rubbing alcoholic beverages. Water-based spots can use acetone or hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Apply hydrogen peroxide on gently colored granite and employ acetone on darker coloured granite for a deeper clean.
  7. Polish granite to achieve the biggest shine.
    • Hold granite clean with store-bought stone polishers. Browse the label to guarantee the item is specific to granite and safe to utilize on its area.
    • For a natural granite polish, mix one-quarter cup baking soda with 3 glasses liquid.Image titled wash Granite Tiles Step 3 Apply, wipe carefully, and polish with a chamois.
    • For another at-home polish, combine 1 glass rubbing alcoholic beverages, 3 cups water, and lots of drops of pH-neutral soap. As with any polish, apply, wipe-off, and polish with a soft cloth or chamois.
    • Very carefully give consideration to whether your granite tiles require a sealant. Some darker granite and kinds of black colored granite will not want it.
  8. Image titled wash Granite Tiles Step 4 Apply a sealer on granite as an extra layer of protection against spots.

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  • How do you obtain the original shining shade again?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Utilize the smooth part of a Scotch Bright pad with much, floor-safe degreasing cleaner, a squirt solution, or a grout scrub. Then, energy mop the tiles to finish.

  • What alternate chemical could possibly be found in huge traffic area in Nigeria?

    Image titled Clean Granite Tiles action 5Tuff Green or Mr. Clean All Purpose Lemon Cleaner will work. A degreaser will need up most of the grime from your granite, also rubberized.

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  • If you should be not sure whether you have got synthetic or genuine granite, look at the veins inside stone. Real granite will display a random structure while synthetic could have a subtle but discernible pattern.
  • Always browse the labels of cleaning representatives to determine if they are safe for usage on granite. Even with confirming utilizing the label, spot clean on a rarely seen spot to make sure it doesn't harm, scrape, or elsewhere impair the granite.
  • Until you purchased the granite tiles your self, confirm that what you have is really granite. Some artificial stones closely resemble granite, and you ought to know what you possess before undertaking a cleaning regimen.


  • Cannot sit or sit on granite countertops. Although the rock is extremely difficult, it's not specifically flexible. Any flexing can cause tiny to large splits.
  • To safely clean granite, stay away from any cleaner with an acidic base. This can include ammonia, vinegar, or any other citrus-based soap. Many of these can leave the countertop searching lifeless.


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