Cutting natural Stone bathroom tiles

May 3, 2017
Brown Marble Bathroom Wall

Stone tile set up borrows practices off their types of tile floors.Stone tile installation borrows practices from other types of tile flooring.

Rock tiles make a stylish, however tough, flooring for restrooms. Select marble, granite, travertine, sandstone as well as other natural materials. The installation process for laying normal stone is a lot just like laying ceramic or porcelain tiles. While many different saws and cutters will trim porcelain tiles, choose a diamond-blade wet saw to make smooth, accurate cuts in rock.


Restroom and kitchen floors take advantage of having backerboard set up over the subfloor. Backerboard is a concrete material which impervious to water. The materials will come in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets and fastens on top of plywood subflooring with rust-resistant screws. Seal the seams with fiberglass tape and address by using somewhat thinset mortar. Besides its resistance to dampness, backerboard additionally provides a-flat surface for tile installation.


A great design grid is the foundation for almost any great searching tile work. Step one is setting up where the center point of bathroom floor lies, after that expanding center lines lengthwise and widthwise. Tiles look most useful once they follow close to the center outlines regarding the space, starting at that centerpoint. This design allows you to spot slashed tiles over the sides associated with the room, or across the cupboards in which these are typically less noticeable. Set some tiles down dry - without adhesive - merely to see what the ground will appear like. This is the time in order to make changes. After the glue begins drying, you have got little possibility to go tiles.

Entire Tiles

Utilize thinset mortar on the backerboard in an area simply adequate that one may work comfortably in 30 minutes. Furrow grooves into the damp mortar with a notched trowel. These grooves help adhere stone tiles into the mortar bed. Begin laying tiles at center associated with the room and work outward toward the wall space. Only concentrate on the entire tiles, and save all the cutting for final. Seat tiles by tapping them with a rubber mallet, and place spacers between tiles. Run a straight advantage across a few rock tiles sporadically, ensuring these are generally degree with respect to each other.

Cutting Rock Tiles

Rent a diamond-blade moist saw from a home center. Saving all the cutting for last reduces the total amount of time you need to lease the equipment. The damp saw sprays water on stone tiles as they move across the blade. That keeps down dust and cools the blade, with to your workplace difficult to cut-through stone. A diamond knife is the best device for cutting right through heavy rock. A wet saw makes right slices, but you’ll need a diamond-blade gap saw for cutting holes in stone without breaking the tiles.


Fill the outlines between rock tiles with grout. Force grout into those rooms utilizing a rubber float designed for this application. Work the float on an angle to your tiles so that you cannot end up pulling material from the joints. Ahead of the grout totally dries, wipe the excess from tile faces with a damp sponge.

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