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October 14, 2018
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Slate bath tile adds a touch of elegance to your restroom. Ironically, the water that it's made to touch can ruin the slate if it's not adequately protected.

When you decorate your bath with record, you wish to be sure to secure the permeable product with a defensive finish which will maintain the liquid out while maintaining its attractive earthen look. A stone enhancer will darken the record but not seal it. To protect it from water, always use a sealer.

Closing your slate bath tile will require a little while, but it could easily be done in a half-day. Follow this easy process.

1: Clean Surface

Be sure you clean up the top of record before you decide to proceed. You want to get every final little dirt, soil, grime or whatever else which may be following the slate. If you seal and there is some thing trapped to the slate, it should be there indefinitely.

If you are opting to make use of a rock enhancer, put it on prior to the sealant. The enhancer will likely not protect from liquid; instead, it's going to reveal a darker, richer finish when you look at the tile. Follow the instructions to a letter, but it is likely applied in much the same as the sealant.

Step 2: Sealant

Choose a sealant. You'll find so many companies available on the market. Surfacegard is just one that works for stone, tile and granite and is available in a spray bottle. Other forms are offered in small cans like paint. Browse the directions entirely before you begin, understanding how many coats to utilize and how long to let every one dry.

Step Three: Utilize Sealant

Work with small places. Don’t attempt to protect the entire slate location at once. Use either a sponge or a brush and work with the sealant once you spray it on or put it on. A brush is useful to the office it into most of the grout sides between your tiles. After you have covered one area, move ahead the next. Allow the very first layer dried out totally per brand name directions.

Step: Apply 2nd Coat

You'll likely be instructed to use another, possibly even a 3rd layer so that you can get optimum performance from the sealant. Once again, allow each coating dried out before you apply next.

After the whole slate area is completed, allow it dry and wipe-off any residue from sealant. Surfacegard, including, requires you to wipe-off any staying fluid five minutes after closing. Carefully follow the instructions for top results.

Sealing your record bath tile takes a while, however it is anything it is possible to do yourself. It isn’t too expensive, and you'll have the satisfaction of a job done well. The sealant does the majority of the work, and all sorts of you’ll need aside from that is somewhat elbow oil.

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