Natural stone VS porcelain tile shower

December 10, 2017
Bluestone natural stone tiles

Items: Marble Tiles vs Porcelain Tiles

These porcelain tiles from history Tiles have been made to check like marble. Simply click to enlarge.

Porcelain tiles are less absorbent, so that they are resistant to frost and far less inclined to stain, especially if they've been glazed. Also, they are more durable than standard porcelain tiles and marble and will resist moisture and harsher weather conditions. Taking care of porcelain tiles is easy, as few cleaning solutions will harm them. Their stiffness, but will make them brittle, meaning set up needs to be carried out with great care. If you want the durability of porcelain tiles, nevertheless the looks of marble, there are now porcelain tiles which can be built to look like marble.


Marble tiles can be used on wall space, however they are more popular for indoor floor coverings, backsplashes, sinks, kitchen area islands, and countertops. As they are mostly used as indoor tiles, marble has been utilized outside in modest- to low-traffic places shielded from rain and freezing cold weather.

Porcelain tiles are hard consequently they are utilized for floor along with inside and external walls, as they possibly can endure cool and moisture. Because some porcelain tiles could be very brittle, they might typically require a professional to reduce and install them.

Calcutta marble tiles in your bathrooms. Notice exactly how no two tiles have a similar habits.


Marble flooring ought to be put in by a specialist. They must be sealed during installation and resealed as soon as or, preferably, twice a year. Marble flooring have to be constantly dusted and mopped to keep them from staining and absorbing liquid or other liquids.

In comparison, porcelain tiles don't require the maximum amount of upkeep. They are best cut and installed by a professional, but maintenance is simple, and they are less likely to stain than marble.

Cost of Marble and Porcelain Tiles

Generally speaking, porcelain tiles are priced at $4 to ten dollars per square foot. But the cost of porcelain tile varies according to its class rating — i.e., if it is durable enough for wall use, indoor or outdoor usage, countertop use, low-traffic flooring, or high-traffic floors. You can find five courses of porcelain tile, as standardized because of the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI), with PEI Class 0 being the essential delicate and advised only for wall usage and Class 5 being the most durable. Only thicker, higher priced classes of porcelain tiles tend to be suitable for high-traffic or commercial reasons.

Porcelain tiles are much cheaper than marble tiles, which need to be custom bought. Marble tiles typically cost $40 to $150 price per sq ft.

Both types of tiles must certanly be installed by a professional. Set up costs differ by region. Existing costs for a few of the popular marble tiles are available on


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