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December 12, 2016
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This guide will help you classify fired and unfired ceramics properly. In addition addresses certain non-ceramic things that are similar - or related to old-fashioned ceramic articles.

There are ceramic items which tend to be especially excluded because of these chapters and covered elsewhere when you look at the Tariff rather. These include porcelain electrical insulators, jewelry and collectable porcelain items of historic interest.

Section 69 for the incorporated Tariff of this United Kingdom (the Tariff) covers fired ceramic articles including house-wares such as for instance dishes and bowls, ornaments such figurines, and tiles. It addresses things particularly building bricks, roofing tiles and drainage pipelines.

Part 68 covers articles made of rock along with other mineral products. These generally include certain types of unfired ceramics, in addition to things such as for instance natural rock tiles.

Porcelain items which are fired after they have now been shaped tend to be covered in part 69. Unfired porcelain things - and things manufactured from stone - tend to be covered in section 68. Collectable ceramics of historical interest - like particular works by Clarice Cliff - are covered in Chapter 97, mainly under going signal 9705. Ceramic and comparable articles covered in part 68 and Chapter 69 for the built-in Tariff for the great britain (the Tariff) might be categorized based on:

  • whether they have been fired
  • the type of product where they’re made - including terracotta, stoneware or porcelain
  • whether they’re glazed
  • their particular type and purpose
  • whether they’re ornamental or functional
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