Installing Travertine tile shower floor

February 28, 2018
From Master Bath

There’s no cutting sides regarding installing bath tile. Also one tiny oversight can cause tragedy. If you want to finish the same job appropriate initially, focus on these common blunders.

number 1 Don’t Assume Grout, Tile, and Sealers Alone Make a Waterproof Shower

Yes, every one of these items are water-resistant, but minus the appropriate planning and installation, water will discover its means around all of them very quickly.


  • Take care to do the installation right. Obtain a duplicate for the Tile Council of united states Handbook. It offers detail by detail guidelines on appropriate planning and installation methods. You’ll learn how to put in shower pans, use waterproofing membrane, and how backer board works.
  • Follow exactly the same maker for as much elements as possible. If you are using a shower pan from 1 maker and waterproofing from another, they might never be compatible.
  • Consider using a proprietary system that includes most of the issues requirement for a fruitful installation—and become really knowledgeable about it just before proceed.
  • Double-check simply how much waterproofing or sealers must be applied. One layer is almost certainly not adequate.

# 2 Don’t Forget to determine the appropriate quantity of Slope for strain

Without having the right slope toward flooring of one's shower, water won't deplete precisely. Standing water is a recipe for establishing leaks and developing germs.

  • Ensure the shower flooring features a ¼” per foot pre-slope (pitch before application of every products).
  • Examine neighborhood (state, county, and town) plumbing rules before you begin the task to discover the precise numbers needed for your shower flooring.
  • Hire a contractor to assist you if you discover that you are in over your face.
  • Install pea gravel or spacers round the drain and weep holes allow drainage.

# 3 Don’t Forget to-do a Flood Test

Once you have completed preparing the shower area and before starting setting up tile, test that out. Some areas consist of flood testing into the building rules. It takes merely a hole the size of a pin about 20 mins to start seeping. End leakages before they come to be a huge mess.

  • Enable a day for your flood test.
  • Plug the drain (use a test connect, which plugs weep holes together with strain) and fill the shower cooking pan with water, after that check out the strain for leaks.
  • Establish that strain is tight; fill the bath pan to the most notable. Any fall when you look at the degree of water on the after that twenty four hours may indicate a leak.
  • Pull the connect and watch very carefully to see that the pitch is sufficient and weep holes are clear.

# 4 Don’t Breach the Waterproof Membrane

As soon as you’ve developed a waterproof zone, don’t do just about anything that would make a course for water to have through. Even a pinhole is enough for water to seep through.

  • Never use fingernails or screws to attach cement boards to shower wall space.
  • Avoid using nails or screws to add curbs or benches.

no. 5 Don’t Select Improper Tile the Shower

You spent time and effort finding the perfect tile for the shower, but make sure to’ve selected something that works within the shower. All tiles are ranked for various reasons.

  • Check the specs on the tile to ensure it is ranked for wet applications.
  • Select various tiles for floor and walls of your shower in case your preferred tile is not ranked for bath flooring.
  • Apply sealers to your tile to add to its water-resistance.

Taking the time to put in your bath tile properly will go a long way to making sure it continues to be clear of potentially dangerous leakages. Prevent these common problems and enjoy your bath.

# 6 Don’t Get Skimpy with Mortar

Maybe it appears as though it might just take too-long to spread that mortar and trowel it completely, but never ever simply take shortcuts using the mortar. You don’t wish produce empty spaces for liquid to drip into and start developing germs.

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