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September 28, 2018
Natural Stone Flooring

Cement tiles from Rustico Tile are manufactured with three layers which are visibly seen in a cross-section view for the tile.

The very first Layer: The use level, also called the concrete tile face, is a combination of extremely resistant Portland white concrete, powdered white marble and natural pigments. Wear resistance, shade and brightness depend on the quality of this layer. The finished encaustic tile gets the all-natural finish surface that hand-crafted flooring tiles can be sealed or refined.

The Second Layer: that is a mortar made of fine sand and top-notch Portland concrete. For tile production, this mortar is used as a base and reinforces the first level. It provides the capability to resist compression loads.

The Third Layer: This final layer is a porous combination with all the required thickness for impact strength pre and post installation.

A beneficial quality tangible tile should be compact and waterproof. The tiles are produced using mixtures full of high quality concrete and hydraulically pushed. A thorough healing process normally implemented to bolster the concrete flooring tile.

Rustico Tile and Stone concrete tiles can be used in residential and commercial programs including, however limited by: hand-crafted tile floor coverings, wall tile, stair tile, backsplash tile, roof tile, on counters, as children's pool tile and pool decking tile, and also as fountain tile. They can be utilized indoors and outdoors. Cement tiles provide themselves to architectural types such as for instance Spanish colonial, Santa Fe, Moorish, Minimalist, Contemporary, Rustic, and Mediterranean.

The Manufacturing Process

Colors are first prepared based on the customer’s order specs. Each encaustic tile is made individually, and slight color variations may appear. That is an inherent characteristic in concrete tiles, as it's fashioned with natural products.

The divider is placed into the mold. This is what will split the colors generate the top of concrete tile. Each color is poured into its certain element of the divider. As soon as each color area is filled, the divider is removed and an assortment of mud and Portland concrete is applied. This is actually the second layer, and it is utilized as a drier also to strengthen initial level associated with the cement tile.

Upcoming, a permeable blend made of sand and Portland cement is applied. Here is the third level. The hand-crafted cement tiles tend to be hydraulically pressed to provide the encaustic tiles their particular hardness. Some cement tiles sold by others may just be hand-pressed, which results in a much weaker strength tile.

Eventually, the concrete tiles tend to be cured under water for a 24-hour duration. This completes the hardening process. As soon as finished, the floor tiles tend to be moved to a solarium to dry for the next 24 hours.

After each piece is independently inspected for quality, the tiles are packaged and transported in pallets. Advised overage for waste, slices and boundaries is 15per cent.

Did you Know?

Cement tiles are 100% handcrafted by gifted artisans in Mexico.
Concrete tiles are “green!” They are not a pollutant, since they are created using all natural products, including the pigments.
Cement tiles aren't combustible consequently they are 100percent recyclable.
Concrete Tiles is manufactured to virtually any design, shape, or color. Our internet site just illustrates the absolute most generally desired styles.

Source: rusticotile.com
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