Fossil stone Flooring tiles

July 11, 2014
Fossil tile

Musician, artist, and "edutainer" Tom Kaufmann tends to make special tools known as lithophones, which are similar to xylophones, but made from different stones. Listed here is just how Kaufmann defines them:

Another happy coincidence led me to my existing fascination with constructing lithophones. I was tossing around some scrap items of granite countertop that I’d gotten for just one of my Upright Furnishings tasks, and as among the chunks landed, it rang as clear as a bell.

I’d already been wanting stone ideal for building lithophones for a while, but never suspected i'd get a hold of a source of such readily available and cheap product.

Litho is Greek for rock, and phone is sound, therefore a lithophone is a drum made of rock. These are typically perhaps one of the most old instruments, plus China the sound of stone is as elemental as metal or wood. In Viet Nam a stone instrument known as a “dan da” had been found that is known become over 9, 000 yrs . old. Western civilization didn’t utilize stone for music until the 1840’s. You will find links for some great types of details about lithophones in the bottom of

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