Natural stone tile backsplash Ideas

November 28, 2017
Natural Stone Tile Backsplash

Stone BacksplashHere are some of the very common backsplash tile options and issues need certainly to give consideration to.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic has become the typical model of home backsplash tile plus it continues to be a popular option because it’s durable, budget-friendly and low-to-zero maintenance. It’s typically marketed in 4″ x 4″ backsplash wall surface tiles, but there are a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures readily available. You are able to get smaller accent pieces to add measurement to your certain backsplash design and these are typically attached to some fiberglass mat backing for simple installation. Ceramic tiles tend to be applied to the wall surface with thin set mortar. Grout is then used between tiles. The grout bones should be sealed otherwise they may be able be stained from cooking messes.

All-natural Stone Tile

All-natural stone tile alternatives contains products eg granite, limestone, marble, onyx, slate and travertine, to name a few. Folks are attracted to utilizing all-natural rock products for backsplash tile styles because of the variances it has vs. that porcelain or porcelain tile.

Granite is a rather dense material and therefore rather durable. Furthermore water-resistant, which makes it a really appealing option for kitchen areas and restrooms. Limestone is most often found in floors applications nonetheless it has seen an uptick in use for backsplash also. Travertine is a combination of limestone and normal stone with no two pieces are identical, which provide for a distinct look.

All-natural rock is much more costly than ceramic together with variances in surface and color causes it to be tougher to clean. A thick sealant should really be applied after installation because porosity.


“Mosaic” describes an image or design that is made up of smaller elements. Mosaic tiles are smaller compared to usually sized tiles, frequently around 2” in squares or any other shapes and may be manufactured of porcelain, porcelain or glass. They could be accustomed develop a larger picture or structure, or as accent pieces in larger habits. Laying mosaic tiles is comparable to that porcelain or porcelain tile installments. Thin-set mortar is employed to apply the tiles on wall area and grout is applied between your joints. The grout joints must also be sealed to stop staining.

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