Removing Stains From Stone, Tile

July 26, 2021
How to remove a stain from
Stains in rock countertops are a pain to get out. Essentially, you will have stone sealed on a regular basis so nothing gets through seal, however, if you're in between cycles or haven't had your sealing done recently, a stray spill are able to turn your countertop an unwanted color. Fortunately, the fix is most likely already inside home, in line with the folks at This Old House.

Grab some flour from your own closet, many hydrogen peroxide from your restroom or first-aid kit. Combine the flour together with peroxide collectively into a peanut butter-style paste, and distribute it within the stained part of tile, rock, or concrete. Allow combination sit and do its work instantaneously, and then in the morning, carefully clean it well with a plastic edge. You may have to collect some spot-sealant to be sure the region is fully shielded after it is cleansed, but This Old home notes that involving the flour, peroxide, and even the location sealant, you're looking at about $15, whereas an expert would charge you up to $200 for even a partial neat and sealing work.

Issued, not all of us have actually fancy rock countertops or tile, or modern tangible floors, but if you will do have any permeable area inside your home that is vulnerable to staining, this tip will help. Have you attempted this stain reduction method before? Have a far better option? Share your thoughts—and alternatives—in the opinions below.

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