Thin Stacked Stone Tile

August 3, 2018
Bali Ocean Standing Pebble

Norstone's Dry Stack rock Veneer Panel productOffering bigger individual rocks and a distinctive interlacing side profile, XL Rock Panels are an ideal slim rock veneer for jobs in which a bigger stone look is desired. The slice stones in the XL Rock Panels are approximately DOUBLE the size of those found within our standard Rock Panel collection, but keep that same trademark dry-stack look you realize and love. These slim rock panels are ideal for commercial and domestic facades, keeping wall space, broad function walls, and tall stone fireplaces. XL Rock Panels can be found in our two primary external colors, Ochre Blend, Charcoal, and Aztec colors.

XL Rock Panels provide a "stepped" interlocking advantage profile, enabling one panel to interlock along with its neighboring panel. This original system decreases how big is the vertical seam between two panels from 6” to 3” that is essential with bigger sized person rocks and the most seamless look feasible while nevertheless using the straightforward to put in nature of a panel system.

With stones meticulously cut and dry piled to accuracy, we feel we've created the most perfect of ledgestone panels in our XL range. Dry-stacking is a stone laying method in which stones tend to be piled right one along with the other in the place of breaking up all of them with mortar. While this is an even more work intesive for the manufacturing, we prefer the clean outlines it generates. So rather than making use of concrete mortars in our panel system, we decide for high energy epoxies which are light weight and more durable. This provides our panels the build power to keep strong in transit and during on-site managing.

Norstone's Dry Stacked stone-wall deviceXL Rock Panels in addition integrate our two-part, finger-jointed part system. The two-piece system provides an inconvenience no-cost set up and the essential seamless look feasible. One area is longer than the other to allow an offset pattern to carry on nearby along the adjacent wall space. Because they require small ability on the part of the technicians repairing our rock panels to a wall, they somewhat reduce set up some time on-site labor expenses, especially when set alongside the some time skill taking part in cutting and forming mitered sides.

XL Rock Panel Field Product

24" broad x 6" Tall
3/4" - 1 3/4" Variable Thickness
1 panel = 0.94 sqft - 12.5lbs
4 panels per box - 50 lbs

Corner Dimensions

Approx. 8" x 16" comes back
6" Tall
1 panel = Approx 1 square foot
4 panels per field - 50lbs
*Note: 2 Corners = 1 linear foot


Sold because of the box or crate just.

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