Outdoor stone wall tiles Melbourne

December 14, 2017
Inspirations Outdoor Stone

Eco exterior features an enormous number of natural stone-walling products from dry-stone, conventional and arbitrary ashlar format wall products, tiles and stacked stone in granite, bluestone, sandstone, limestone, slate plus. Normal rock particularly limestone, sandstone and bluestone will offer a clear, sharp finish; while for a far more tough, natural design, dry-stone and free-form walling are key products suitable for both indoor design and yard and landscape jobs. Our natural stone-walling supplies come pre-prepared because of the backs sawn smooth making it possible for easy application to any or all ideal substrates with outstanding results.

Irrespective its usage, from additional cladding to inner features and fireplaces, natural stone walling adds level and texture to your designed room and beautifully blends the boundaries between inside and outside. Eco exterior offers a whole number of advanced stone veneer options, which makes it easy to find a perfect match for the design.

Source: www.ecooutdoor.com.au
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