Outdoor stone Pavers Sydney

September 8, 2018
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Pavers or paving stone is normally 30mm thick or maybe more. The excess width provides energy for heavier traffic that you may find in commercial programs or on driveways. Pavers would be best suited to softer substrates including compacted roadway base. Tiles 12-15mm can be utilized for outside paving but only on tangible substrates and only if rock gets the required flexural strength for designated traffic load.

Stone pavers made from sandstone, bluestone, granite and quartzite are 30mm thick and for sale in a range of sizes. A variety of formats and patterns can be obtained to suit various traffic loads and substrate products. Pavers are available in squares, rectangles and french and random design platforms. Matching action treads, bullnoses, ledge tiles and capping pieces can also be found.

When we lack an item that suits a task requirements, we'll gladly order it on customized basis which takes about 12 days for here. Flagstone paving choices are in addition readily available and include sandstone, quartzite and slate. The depth of these items are very variable - often 20-70mm. For more information on flagstones click here.

Source: www.bellstone.com.au
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