Natural stone tiles Singapore

January 21, 2020
Natural Stone Floor \u0026amp;

Retain the spectacular appearance of all-natural rock tiles with our wise adhesives

All-natural stone tiles are a favorite choice for home flooring and wall installations. A versatile product, stone can donate to a stunning finish or rustic homely appeal.

But natural rock is a complex tile. Despite its durability and shelf-life, it can be extremely sensitive to certain chemical substances, specifically those with a low pH. So that it’s essential that you pick the best adhesive option before beginning the applying process.

Smart benefits

Whenever applying stone tiles to your wall surface or flooring, it is vital that you minimize damage control. Any accidents of these processes might have enduring impacts on the artistic influence of one's stone tiles, and ultimately, your living space. Therefore, eliminating the possibility of stains and blemishes from liquid or more acidic fluids is key.

Our natural rock tile glue items are specially changed to meet the complex demands that include natural stone floor or wall rock tiles.

As a result of extreme rigidity of rock tile, it's crucial that you pick a rock tile adhesive which versatile. With this in mind, most of our all-natural stone tile adhesive items are polymer-enhanced or polymer modified. Our cementitious solutions also provide high relationship power.

If you work with uncalibrated products for your rock tile floors, our thick-bed adhesives are perfect. They give you full dental coverage plans of even many awkward area places and, with a thickness as much as 25mm, help you achieve rustic-looking rock tile floor easily.

We also provide moisture resistant and ‘showerproof’ adhesives. Neglecting the usage a specific bath tile glue causes warping, curling or even discoloration of normal rock and tile.

Quite a few bathroom-specific solutions are created to reduce stain or the importance of blob correcting after set up. Plus make fully sure your stone bathroom tiles stay streamlined and polished throughout the grouting procedure with our white-colored adhesive solutions.


Our rock tile adhesive range would work for most different wall surface and floor substrates, including:


  • Plaster and plasterboard
  • Rendered areas
  • Concrete obstructs
  • Dense concrete
  • Plywood
  • Painted walls (emulsion just)
  • Fiber mesh
  • Cement-faced panels
  • Tile backer panels
  • Tile-to-tile
  • Lightweight obstructs


  • Tangible base
  • Anhydrite calcium sulphate screed
  • Ceramic and all-natural stone base
  • Asphalt base
  • Timber floors
  • Drifting plywood floors
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Acoustic matting
  • Damp-proof membranes

Adhesive Technologies

  • Waterproof tile adhesive
  • Heat resistant tile adhesive
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Epoxy tile adhesive
  • Fast set tile glue
  • Rapid put tile adhesive
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