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July 27, 2020
Marble Mosaic

Myaree Ceramics ImageWith 2016 well and really behind united states, it is time and energy to take a look at what’s trending in restroom tiles for 2017. On present Cersaie Tile Fair in Italy, we found modern innovations and trends taking the industry by storm.

Chevron and herringbone types

Chevron and herringbone patterned tiles were big at the Cersaie Tile Fair. These patterned tiles are the perfect bathroom tiles for Perth houses, and certainly will also be used in kitchens and living places. Chevron and herringbone tiles have actually an ageless experience, while nevertheless being strong enough to increase texture and flair to your home.

A fresh style on geometric

Geometric-shaped tiles and habits may be used in lots of ways to improve the visual benefit of any space. Like, triangular-shaped floor tiles add a sense of crisis, while you use all of them as an element on a wall, it is possible to highlight their graphic habits. Having said that, decorative geometric habits often create a sense of nostalgia, while also developing heat and a feeling of coziness in a range of configurations.

In your bathrooms, traditional hexagon mosaics remain your favourite, because they add dimension into the flooring and certainly will be played with bold-coloured accessories. With brand new and revolutionary patterns and completes continuously rising, the geometric trend is likely to stand the test period.


Encaustic or pressed cement tiles have become preferred once more, as they’re an ornamental option with a softness and warmth underfoot that few other tiles have. This new types tend to be driven towards creating distinctive habits or features in little spaces, eg restrooms and kitchen areas, and that can actually used as a decorative place in an entranceway.

Warm color palettes

In 2017, we will have a distinct move towards warmer colour palettes that encompass a good amount of greys, creams, and pastels, specifically peach, pink, blues, vegetables, and even navy accents. These tints aren't just eternal; they in addition take the commercial concrete aim to a whole new luxe degree.

Stone-look tiles and bookmatching

Elegant designs and easy-to-care-for finishes make stone-look tiles a quick favourite among Perth homeowners. This trend catches the wealthy texture of all-natural stone, while supplying the durable attributes and opposition to moisture as porcelain tiles. From limestone to travertine, there are lots of colours and styles to pick from. Through advanced new publishing methods, bookmatching is currently obtainable in stone look tile. The mirrored, marble patterning of bookmatching was previously only for sale in genuine rock, and seems become a super-hot trend for 2017 and beyond.

Large-format tiles

Large-format tiles are becoming ever more popular in 2017 because they create a sleek, more streamlined appearance with fewer grout lines. With the exact same large-format tile on both the walls and flooring is going to make your bathroom feel bigger and better, that will be a certain plus in the event the restroom is experiencing only a little cramped.

Vintage, smaller-sized square formats

Despite the interest in large-format tiles, smaller-sized square formats which were well-known into the belated 1980s-90s are making a return. A favourite among home owners and manufacturers alike, they’re suitable to small areas, like around a vanity or on a shower wall surface.

If you’re in search of high-quality cup tiles in Perth, or like to make sure that your bathroom is fitted with stylish and luxurious tiles, contact Myaree Ceramics today.

At Myaree Ceramics, we’re continuously wanting brand-new and better ways to make sure our entire item range satisfies our rigid quality standards. Easy and simple & most efficient technique us to work on this is to keep up-to-date utilizing the latest breakthroughs in tile technology.

Myaree CeramicsA lot of the tiles on display within our Perth-based showroom tend to be brought in directly from Italy. Since our creation in 1985, we worked challenging develop strong, durable connections with of Italy’s best and most reputable tile manufacturers. To steadfastly keep up with demand, they usually have committed to machinery that enables all of them to produce more tiles by 50 percent enough time.

Developments in technology have progressed to the stage where man-made tiles can replicate the appearance of normal tiles so well it’s nearly impossible to inform the difference. In the past, tiles that were designed to replicate the look of normal finishes, like travertine, didn’t have design variants. This designed that if you had been examine an all natural tile to a man-made one, you would effortlessly have the ability to recognize that has been which. Natural stone products are all special, as each individual tile has actually variations with its pattern, whereas traditionally, the patterns on manufactured designs had been identical. Today, through improvements in printing technology, this will be no longer an issue. Using beautiful timber and stone look finishes is simpler than in the past, as you're able make use of the hard-wearing nature of manufactured tiles, while enjoying the beauty of organic products.

Increased production and option of large-format, slim-profile tiles can be attributed to breakthroughs in technology. Thin 6-8mm thick tiles (that would often be 10-12mm thick) can now be made just like powerful as standard-profile tiles. They’re in addition lighter, more straightforward to lay, and cheaper to ship and shop than their thicker alternatives. A number of the industrial facilities that produce our high-end selection of quality cup, mosaic, and stone tiles from are getting to be so higher level; they’re almost totally computerized!

However, inspite of the newest technologies, there'll often be a need for handmade, artisanal services and products. If you are after handcrafted tiles with a definite European appeal, you can relax knowing the old-fashioned way of doing things hasn’t been completely eliminated. With a definite divide between robot-made and artisanal, homemade services and products, you won’t be restricted to one sort of production. We'll constantly be sure we’re bringing our Perth clients the very best range of quality tiles, and now we realize that maintaining old-fashioned production procedures is a component of this solution, so whether you’re after the latest manufactured tile solutions, or breathtaking, handcrafted styles, we’ve got you covered!

To look at an extensive collection of luxurious cup tiles in Perth, or some of the best mosaic tiles Perth provides, be sure to visit our showroom! Right here, you’ll be welcomed by our totally trained staff who are able to assist with your entire tiling requirements.

At Myaree Ceramics, we're committed allowing you to select tiles being crafted in a sustainable, honest style. We import ceramic, porcelain and normal stone tiles from across Europe which can be exclusive in nature and crafted ethically because of the latest & most revolutionary technologies readily available. From room to restroom, home to outside and interior pools we stock and sell tiles for almost any space and require you have.

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