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April 23, 2021
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Buyers who are faced with the question of choosing a  tatami puzzle segunda mano, as a rule, fall into two categories. The first is athletes or specialists in sports equipment, the second is people who are far from sports and martial arts, but who want to buy coverage for themselves, their relatives or children.

Tatami are mats, which in Japan cover the floors of houses (traditional type). They are woven from reeds and stuffed with rice straw, they have a size of 90 × 180 cm and a thickness of 5 cm. Sports tatami, unlike their ancient counterparts, are standardly produced in other sizes.

The main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a tatami are the filler and its density, the fabric of the upper (front) cover, the fabric of the lower cover. As a filler, manufacturing companies use, as a rule, two materials: Polyurethane foam of secondary foaming or Polyethylene foam.

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