Keystone stone floor tile

January 3, 2021
Keystone natural coral stone
Artezanos Tumbled Keystone Pavers


Red coral / Keystone consists of the fossilized stays of numerous a huge number of little marine pets. The tough coral resembles limestone, and many formed huge reefs an incredible number of years ago.

Red coral rock is painstakingly quarried from the planet and inspected completely to make sure the highest high quality stone. Once this has passed away examination, the coral is brought back towards factory become cut into numerous proportions and sizes.Artezanos All-natural Cut Keystone Flooring red coral is available in various natural colors: White, Yellow, and Rose.

Artezanos Inc. holds a wide range of 100% natural red coral services and products at an unbeatable price. You can expect pavers (honed and filled, refined, all-natural slice, tumbled, and bullnose) in every dimensions and sizes; accent moldings, seat rail/ framing, crown moldings, corbels, secrets, capitals, bases, and articles.

We could personalize any purchase to suit your particular requirements. We also provide travertine and limestone pavers and products. KEYSTONE enables more freedom of design in which the heat and beauty of a natural rock is desired.

KEYSTONE is WEATHERPROOF, COLOR FAST and has now very high insulation values. The compressive strength is high, as soon as applied correctly, has actually a SHEER ENERGY far more than that required by the UNIFORM BUILDING CODE and F.H.A. When correctly set up it will probably endure the time of the building without unwelcome alterations in color or appearance.

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