Aqua Mix concentrated stone Tile Cleaner gallon

November 28, 2020
Floor Cleaners

AquaMix AquaKleenTM is a ready-to-use, effective, multi-purpose tile and grout spray cleanser that cleans and deodorizes kitchens and bathrooms. It removes oil, grime, and dirt, including kitchen area traffic soil. AquaKleen additionally makes restrooms brilliant and clean, and effectively cleans grout joints. AquaKleen is perfect for daily usage.

Aqua combine No VOC (Volatile Organic substance Formulas) assist supply much better indoor and outdoor air quality in comparison to comparable traditional services and products.

Water-safe kitchen area and restroom areas, anywhere oil or dirt is a problem: porcelain surfaces, normal rock, tile, porcelain, grout, plastic, cup, fiberglass, cultured marble, material areas laminate, and accessories. Excellent for cleansing basins, tubs, and tiles.

1) browse whole label before utilizing. 2) Household gloves must certanly be worm during application
3) Spray or use by mop, sponge, or fabric on tough, non-porous areas to carefully wet all of them, spraying 6-8 ins from area. 4) Rub with brush, sponge, or fabric.
5) Wipe dried out with a clear fabric or sponge or allow to air-dry. 6) Rinse all surfaces that can come touching food, eg countertops, appliances, tables, and stovetops with potable liquid before reuse.
7) Rinsing is certainly not needed on floor areas that are to-be waxed or polished. 8) For stubborn stains, allow to dwell on area prior to cleanup.

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