Tile that looks like stone for bathroom

April 13, 2016
Bathroom Tile on Pinterest

It’s all mostly bad (possibly).

I became on phone-in an online consultation viewing a photograph among my consumers had delivered me personally.

She had selected about 6 porcelain tiles and she desired me to help the girl chose one for her restroom. This was a traditional bathroom with a Kohler Memoirs pedestal sink and bathroom.

This is the way the discussion moved:

Me: can you like any among these tiles?

Her: Not really, are you able to discover great porcelain tile?

Myself: No

The woman: Well thank you, I held thinking there should be one but I couldn’t believe it is.

When had been the final time you saw a bathroom or kitchen area with porcelain tile that you liked?

Mostly, it is blotchy, busy, bossy and ugly. In the event that you look through either my Tiles i love or Bathrooms I like Pinterest boards there’s no bad porcelain tile in sight.

I advised that she install a white or Carrera hex tile with dark, green grey grout because white tile will simply get dirty anyhow (unless it's the latest epoxy grout). That way you will get the clean look of white tile without high maintenance aspect. Large white tile reveals everything.

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