Installing glass stone tile backsplash

October 27, 2020
Tile and Stone Installers

A backsplash can inject style and personality into your kitchen area, whether you are beginning scrape or remodeling your space. There are lots of materials designed for the wall surface above your countertops, including porcelain tile, steel, and stone, but none has more showstopping appeal than cup tile.

Although this well-known option is certain to transform the look of any kitchen, it is important to give consideration to both its advantages and its own downsides before your invest big bucks on containers of tile.

Glass-Tile Pros

• provides a custom appearance
Obtainable in an unlimited assortment of attention-grabbing colors and transparencies, glass tiles tend to be a great selection for making a bold design statement in an otherwise utilitarian area. The design is really customizable: you'll pick the size and colour of the tile, and you can select a pattern useful for set up. You are able to select classic subway tiles, contemporary mosaics, or a glass-tile edge or inset to fit a ceramic or rock backsplash. You can even color a color regarding the wall surface behind clear glass tiles for a completely various look. The options tend to be unlimited - perfect if you're seeking to express your character and create an entirely unique appearance.

• Expands the space
Glass has the special ability to shimmer and sparkle, which bounces light around a room to visually expand the area. In case your home is small or dark, glass tile will reflect light to make the space appear bigger and brighter. And unlike lifeless and level porcelain, a glass-tile backsplash adds level and interest to your walls.

• Is hygienic, clean, and green
Glass tiles are mildew-resistant, that will be particularly helpful in the event your family members suffers from allergies. Also, they are stain-resistant and simple to clean and keep - merely wipe all of them clean with a wet fabric and moderate detergent. If you would like utilize eco-friendly materials within kitchen, there are lots of recycled-glass options which are green and trendy.

Glass-Tile Cons

• is expensive
Glass tile is actually somewhat more high priced than porcelain or stone tile. With respect to the form of glass made use of, the purchase price can vary from $7 to $30 or more per sq ft. Should your budget is bound, give consideration to including a glass-tile accent edge or inset to a ceramic or rock backsplash.

• could be challenging to set up
While they are incredibly durable once set up, cup tiles tend to be fine in their natural type. A glass-tile backsplash isn't an excellent applicant for a DIY set up for many homeowners. Cutting and grouting glass tile requires even more accuracy than with other kinds of tile, and a less-than-perfect task will show. If you attempt the task your self, make sure you buy at the very least ten percent more tile than your measurements to account fully for damage along with other errors. In the event that you move to a pro for help, choose an installer who may have knowledge about glass tile, and start to become ready to pay significantly more than you'll for ceramic tile set up.

• Can be hard to fix
Although very easy to cleanse, shiny cup tiles will truly show fingerprints and smudges. Also difficult to harm, but they can get scratched if rubbed with a gritty product or gouged by a knife. As soon as scratches (or worse, cracks) appear, they truly are practically impractical to fix without changing a percentage or all the backsplash.

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