Stacked Pebble Stone Tile

March 24, 2021
1st Grade Black X-Large 40

Every individual pebble on a sheet of Stacked Pebble Tile has been slashed, endured up-and placed on a mesh-backing. The result is the appearance of pebble hand stacked upon the other person, which makes it a fantastic choice for vertical cladding lots of the tiles have a corresponding color in a floor tile.

Sizes: 4 x 12” or 6 x 12”
Body weight: ~7 lb. / sq. ft.
Loading: changes, based product

Stacked Seaside Planet

Stacked Seaside Ivory

Stacked Seaside Black

Stacked Seaside Cherry

Stacked Seaside Green

Stacked Seaside Tan

Stacked Polished Black

Stacked Seaside Quail

Stacked Seaside Mocha

Stacked Polished Mixed

Stacked Polished Red

Stacked Seaside Ocean Blend

Stacked Polished White

Stacked Polished Yellow

If you wish to bring the good thing about nature to your house plus in a unique and practical method, after that nothing could be better than setting up stacked pebble tiles, which have become an increasingly popular trend nowadays.

Stacked tiles, also famous as standing pebble tiles, are made using sliced up pebbles. These are attached with mesh backing and required standard thin set for set up.

What increases the uniqueness among these tiles usually rather than utilising the face, stacked tiles manufactured by using the sides of this pebbles. Pebbles, cut-in half, tend to be stacked one on the other, offering it an attractive, hand-set appearance.

The horizontal look, along side differing height for the pebbles, makes the whole sitting more alluring and it is an artistic pleasure available plus guests.

An incredible selection of colors, from sober and muted to dark and mystic, can be obtained to match your present décor. Ebony, ivory, seaside green, seaside mocha, seaside quail, yellow, and white are among the options to select.

In terms of finish, these are available in normal or polished range. Whether you're trying to find an elegant environment or an even more austere appearance, it is simple to get piled tiles according to your preferences and choice.

Every single pebble has an original shape and color, which is transformed into the entire wall surface when you get the stacked pebble tiles installed. These are an incredible option to transform any area of your house.

Their most typical use is observed in bathrooms; but these also make an ideal choice for adorning your water functions, outside wall space, or many other applications. When utilized in the outdoors, these stacked pebble tiles will create a remarkable background for the landscape.

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