Natural stone ceramic Tile

November 14, 2017
Natural stone ceramic tile

The grand transformation within the porcelain sector happened utilizing the conception of Porcelain Tile a material that presents a brand new trend associated with international market. The product brought contemporary and flexible faculties in the form of the polishing process in addition to introduction of glazing strategies, expanding the utilization of ceramics into domain of normal rocks.

Porcelain tile is an impossible ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is composed of a ceramic covering categorized by Standard ISO 13006 (Bla), signifying a pushed material with absorption equal to or below 0.5per cent. It really is obtain from raw materials of a top degree of purity, presented to heat therapy (1, 220°C) and compacting pressures more than those found in producing standard ceramics tiles. High technical opposition and large weight to scratching and substance attacks characterize it, in comparison to natural rocks.

What exactly are technical faculties of Porcelain tile?

  • - liquid absorption
  • - Mechanical resistance to flexing and rupture load
  • - Resistance to deep abrasion
  • - Abrasion weight
  • - weight to scratches
  • - opposition to thermal shock
  • - Resistance to freezing
  • - Expansion by moisture (EPU)
  • - Resistance to chemical attack
  • - Resistance to rubbing

Evaluations of Porcelain with Natural Stone

Officially speaking, Porcelain tile can be compared with all-natural rock with standard ceramic covering, technical analyses compared to normal rocks affirm the superiority of porcelain tile (table).

It can be seen that porcelain gets the least expensive deep abrasion aspect, which indicates higher opposition to wear and rip.

The superiority of porcelain with regards to the flexing weight module (≥ 35 N/mm²) helps it be much more functional as the applicability goes. Its stiffness ensures excellence into the cutting of the item, reducing losses in production process, and allowing the application of the product as a design take into account inclusion to normalcy laying circumstances.

The depth of porcelain presents a massive benefit, as it facilitates the managing associated with the material during laying, as well as the transportation logistics.

The weight per m² relieves force on the useful framework, which presents a benefit, since contemporary constructions are more streamlined. Moreover, the transport price is gloomier than that rock.

Porcelain's main differential is based on the versatility of completing, since its systemization (shooting) at 1220ºC permits the application of resources, such as for example dissolvable salts and dual running. This interferes right in the perception of this beauty of the product. This firing function could be the differential between porcelain and all-natural rock.

Porcelain Tile Natural Stone
Less Permeable More Permeable
Less Absorption Greater Consumption
Smaller Water Stain Larger Liquid Stain
More Resistance Less Opposition
An easy task to cut Difficult to cut
Less Thick Thicker
Light framework Hefty framework
Less costly freight More costly cargo
Cheaper work Higher priced labor
Cheaper laying system More expensive laying system
Spots less Stains much more
Scratches less Scratches much more
Environmentally Correct
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