Reconstituted Stone tiles

May 24, 2022
Bedrock Quartz Stone Tile

Reconstituted stone normally called “engineered stone” and is consists of all-natural marble/granite granulates and dust combined with an extremely specialised polyester resin. The ensuing product has physical properties much like those of marble/granite, but has some properties and attributes which exceed natural marble/granite from its natural condition.

Various other surface aggregates including stones, mirror flecks, colored cup and shells may also be included with some batches, and combine the strength and durability of composite products because of the elegance of all-natural rock.

Ideal for: kitchen areas, splash backs, vanities, counter tops/reception desks, bar tops, stairways and shower / bathroom wall lining.

About Reconstituted Rock

The makeup of reconstituted rock can be quite complex, however for simplicity’s sake the approximate break down of reconstituted stone contains above 90%–95% of normal granulates and 5per cent–10per cent combined connecting representatives, special ingredients and pigments. These elements ensure it is a very hard-wearing, useful and extremely versatile area that will be practically non-porous, resists scratching and chipping, is large impact and stain resistant.

In the event you need additional plus precise details about the make-up of reconstituted stone please explore our manufacturers’ websites by pressing their logo regarding suitable for a testament for this stone’s quality and to learn more about the 10 year guarantee that relates.

Reconstituted stones have now been the option of architects, designers, developers, designers and homeowners because of their consistency, strength and a wide option in tints and applications. The area material adds vibrancy, design and a contemporary aim to kitchens and bathrooms at affordable costs along with simple upkeep.

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