DuPont Stone Tile floors Cleaner

February 4, 2018
Hdf Laminate Flooring Stone

LATICRETE-DUPONT STONETECH Laticrete StoneTech Tile & Grout maintenance systems, DuPont StoneTech

Laticrete StoneTech, formerly referred to as DuPont StoneTech, provides a multitude of professional-grade commercial and residential tile and grout maintenance systems that are designed specifically for rock, tile and grout upkeep. 1877FloorGuy holds a variety of DuPont/Laticrete StoneTech items eg penetrating sealers/sealants, relevant sealers/sealants, routine cleaning items and deep cleaners. We in addition offer problem-solving products by Laticrete StoneTech, including oil-stain removers, effervescence cleaner plus to handle particular grout and tile concerns.

You may use Laticrete cleansing items to eliminate oil stains from tile and grout, sanitize sealed normal rock, seal tile, enhance tile and much more. Spiff and shine your tile floors, walls and countertops - including granite, slate, ceramic and porcelain tile - aided by the functional Laticrete Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector. Get a bottle of Laticrete (DuPont) rock and tile sealer to incorporate a layer of advanced defense against oil- and water-based stains towards flooring utilizing Laticretes impressive acute micro-bond protection that preserves your stones normal appearance and makes future cleaning easier.

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