Stacked Stone Feature Tile

June 24, 2018
NTucson Marron Natural Slate

Norstone Ochre Feature WallsApplications

Rock panels meant for function walls.

There's absolutely no better sign of deluxe in property than a genuine, normal stone feature wall. Think about it – when’s the last time you saw such a wall in a residence? Norstone Rock Panels make that concept a real possibility. With Norstone, eventually Installation is very simple.Norstone White Feature Wall Stone Our meticulously calibrated 100% natural rock panels install similar to tile – no grout needed, simply pile and stagger your panels, adhering each one of these like tile – which’s it. With set up that easy, a stone feature wall surface is definetly within future.

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Making use of the right kind of illumination on your Norstone function wall surface stone set up can give it life.Norstone Thin rock Feature Walls Indoors be sure you utilize downward dealing with low-voltage light to provide your set up optimum surface and dimension. Allow the light wash along the rock. If you utilize a spot-light, you chance losing the gorgeous measurement and texture the wall surface ended up being designed to supply.

Make your Norstone wall look completed

Dangling Art on a Norstone Wall is what can certainly make your normal stone-wall look completed. Utilizing a diamond-tipped masonry drill bit, you can simply drill into the your Norstone thinstone veneer. Once you’ve drilled the correct sized hole, you can easily put in anchor points and mounting rods which can hold any kind of art piece or artwork you’d like. Indoor rock function walls look great with adornments that comparison with rock, such as reclaimed wood and steel.

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