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October 28, 2015
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A collaboration with Island Stone produces a sensational marriage of glass and rock

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Collaboration is type in 2016, and real compared to that trend Oceanside Glasstile and Island Stone introduce their brand new wedding of glass and rock. Anchored in beach culture and driven by a passion to produce gorgeous styles, the two companies pair the very best of their choices generate one stunning collection. Making use of four all-natural stones – grey sandstone, mint sandstone, gold quartzite, and white marble – Oceanside Glasstile adds their particular molten miracle into union. The effect? An attractive Kinship of spectacular stone and jewel like glass that will maybe you have wanderlust for many corners for the great Pacific.

Attracting determination from coastal bluffs and epic point breaks of the kindred spirit’s backyards, Kinship’s Crescent piece features empowered two new patterns. Converge features a gentle cascade of pieces, while Lineage mimics the mild increase and autumn of an ocean’s swell. Completely customizable using entire Oceanside Glasstile palette, the Converge and Lineage patterns will even feature mint sandstone, grey sandstone, and silver quartzite.

Empowered because of the delicate sand dunes of Indonesia’s cascading shores, the Wedge piece provides an understated dimension along with its mild slopes and curved edges. With two brand-new fully customizable habits, Origin and Unison stand-in resistance. In which Origin provides a random structure, Unison offers equilibrium through a timeless linear placement. Whatever your design targets can be, the new Origin and Unison patterns can be purchased in the whole Oceanside Glasstile color palette, in addition to, white marble, silver quartzite, or grey sandstone.

Kinship’s 3rd and last brand-new structure, Abode, is a nod into classic nature of an offset brick. Featuring a 1 1/4” x 4 1/8” mosaic rectangle, Abode is completely customizable with four brand new stones therefore the entire Oceanside Glasstile color scheme. Abode captures your attention through free-flowing movement of glass to rock, supplying added versatility to the collection's design opportunities.

Oceanside Glasstile wanted to ensure Kinship had not been only beautiful, but also easy to install. The dimensional pieces have a robust paint regarding the straight back, which will be accuracy installed with mesh and glue. This installing system starts up their entire color scheme – clear and opaque – to the Kinship range. Love ultimate design freedom with Kinship at the helm.

“Cheers!” It’s initial term Oceanside Glasstile items hear before beginning their particular trip to up-cycled glory! Annually they melt above 2 million pounds of post-consumer container glass. The effect – a gem-like material crafted into stunning cup tile. They continuously strive for improvements in energy savings, and keep maintaining a closed cycle manufacturing procedure in which they re-melt all their very own cup trimmings. Production innovative products with a sustainable process is an important company worth, but . . . that’s simply where enjoyable starts. Promoted by the leadership regarding the company, Oceanside Glasstile staff members support all sorts of factors both near and far. Embracing personal duty, they find delight in restoring orphanages, building schools, growing brand new woods and collaborating using generation of the next day. Both home plus commercial designs gets a dose of good vibes when they incorporate this environmentally-aware, socially-responsible product into their work-in-progress.

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